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TACBECON® Makes Train Operations Smooth
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TACBECON® SGH 200S eases and enhances train operations.
A locomotive firm in Singapore has been facing problems with its traction motor bearings. Initially, the motor bearings were lubricated with multi-purpose grease that did not effectively protect from wear.

This generated unwanted frictional heat in the bearings. As a result, operations were greatly affected as the grease melted due to the abnormally high temperature and the wear rate increased.

Tecsia Lubricants was called in to take prescriptive action and recommended a trial with TACBECON® SGH 200S. It is a high performance grease with Alassca complex soap designed for high temperature operating conditions. The grease is formulated with extreme pressure and anti-corrosion properties as well.

The trial period was a great success and TACBECON SGH 200S proved to be very suitable for the traction motor bearings. The right lubricant selection allows smoother and more efficient train operations.











Friday, 03 March 2017