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Tecsia Lubricants’ Joint Visit with ANDEROL
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Mr. Enrico Feenstra (left) surveys the slitter machine.
One of Tecsia Lubricants’ key lubricant brands, ANDEROL, joined the organization to visit a major beverage packaging factory in Singapore. Together with Tecsia Lubricants’ Sales Engineer, Mr. Enrico Feenstra went to the site to gain a deeper understanding of the operational culture in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Feenstra gathered feedback from the client, first-hand, regarding their satisfaction with ANDEROL food-grade lubricants. As the factory is undergoing an overhaul project to convert all lubricants to be food-grade, the client mentioned the product and service quality make the entire process easy.

The visit was an opportunity to assure the client of the strong partnership and support the organizations have for each other.  

Tecsia’s Sales Engineer also showed Mr. Feenstra the slitter machine and shrink wrapping oven. Those are some of the critical machineries that have already begun using food-grade lubricants.

Both Tecsia Lubricants and ANDEROL have shared a close working relationship since 1977. This is displayed with occasional goal-setting meetings, training sessions, joint visits and co-participation in trade exhibitions around the world.

In addition, both brands are advocates in food safety and continuously make a collective effort to spread the important awareness.  











Tuesday, 04 April 2017