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All-Rounded Technical Support Optimises Productivity in Iron and Steel Industry
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Certified Lubrication Specialists at work, surveying a huge raw material pelletizer.
As part of Tecsia Lubricants’ after-sales service, its team of sales and technical engineers will regularly make trips to the customers’ site to audit and evaluate ongoing lubrication performance. Several objectives can be achieved through this effort.

Customers will see that Tecsia Lubricants takes care of its clientele throughout the buying journey. A stud example is the iron and steel sector in Malaysia. Tecsia Lubricants has seen great success with in iron and steel applications, using TACBECON® specialty lubricants. Operating applications range from high temperature to extreme loading and, corrosive to other harsh conditions.

Majority of the plant are under the lubricating protection of TACBECON® oils and greases. Greases such as TACBECON® SG 1000S, SOG 3000A and JACKGEL HDG have trialed and tested to be most effective for heavy duty bearings, gear sets, rollers and rails respectively. The lubricants are formulated to handle the tough operating requirements of the iron and steel industry.

Tecsia Lubricants’ experts have come back with consistently good results displayed by the lubricants’ performance and client’s positive feedback, regarding the products and technical support.











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