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The spiral cooling tower is one of the critical applications that is using 3H direct food contact oil.
Tecsia Lubricants has pride itself to be an advocate in food-safe manufacturing. The sales and technical teams supported a prominent bakery, in Singapore, to fully transform its maintenance programme to be food-safe as well.

Critical equipment and applications include compressors, spiral cooling tower and conveyor systems. These are operating with NSF-certified food-grade lubricants. Previously, the bakery’s maintenance team partially used industrial lubricants.

According to international hygiene and safety standards, it is not recommended. The usage of industrial lubricants for food manufacturing may pose potential consumption risks.

For example, COGELSA Famoil 22 is a 3H direct food contact oil that is applied at the spiral cooling tower and conveyor rails via automated spray systems. 3H lubricants are suitable to be used as a release agent. It is non-toxic as well.

Now that the bakery is equipped with a complete range of food-grade lubricants, operations can run with 100% assurance and quality.











Monday, 13 March 2017