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Lubricating for a Better Cause in Solar Manufacturing Plant
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GREASEMAX®, as shown above, is ideal for difficult-to-access lubrication points.
A major solar solutions corporation in Singapore has given Tecsia Lubricants a big pat on its back; for the latter has provided quality lubricant products, and competent sales and technical support.

The equipment of focus is the furnace that is responsible for melting ingots in a temperature-controlled room. Previously, lubrication was done manually and maintenance proved to be extremely challenging due to difficult-to-access lubrication points.The cause-and-effect situation forced labour hours to go up and affect production.

Upon further evaluation, Tecsia Lubricants recommended the use of automatic lubricators, GREASEMAX®. The lubricators are supplied ready-to-use straight from the box and filled with a wide range of high performance customised lubricants. Tool-free activation and chemically operated lubricators allow easy and accurate adjustment of lubrication flow.

Several GREASEMAX® units were installed at critical points of the furnaces - drive nut and feed-through points. The lubricant continually provided vital anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection.

It was surveyed much later that GREASEMAX® improved the operation’s efficiency, reduced unexpected downtime and eased up on maintenance. Tecsia Lubricants is humbled to have received such positive feedback from customers; thanks to the hard work of the staff.








Friday, 14 Jul 2017