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Well-oiled Chains to Boost Efficiency
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Correct lubricant selection for chains is essential for maximum productivity.
TACBECON® lubricants have consistently been making waves in the garment and textile industry regionally. In one of the key interlining producers of Singapore, the specialty chain oil TACBECON® SCL 220 is widely used in the stenter machine.

The stenter machine is critical to stretching fabric and pre-determining dimensions. Heat and chemicals (for finishing) are part and parcel of the operations here.

Its operating temperature peaks at 200°C. Thus, Tecsia Lubricants’ certified lubrication specialists (CLS) recommended the application of TACBECON® SCL 220 for the entire process line. This lubricant coverage includes the chip chain rail.

Fully synthetic, the chain oil has the ability to tackle high temperature applications of up to 250°C.  It is ester-based, indicating its self-cleaning properties and does not form sticky or hard residues after complete evaporation.

In addition, TACBECON® SCL 220 is fortified with excellent oxidation stability to resist degradation at high temperature.

Selecting the correct lubricant formula is important as maintenance personnel aim to avoid unexpected downtime.

At the same time, smooth and efficient operations reflect production output. TACBECON® SCL 220 makes an ideal choice for protecting and optimizing the chain rail, and provide cost savings as a whole.











Wednesday, 31 May 2017