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The GREASEMAX® units (circle) become the top brand choice for automatic lubrication.
Tecsia Lubricants received positive affirmation from a petrochemical plant regarding GREASEMAX®. The automatic lubricating units replaced another renowned brand, and are now used in the motor bearings located at the polycarbonate filter machine.

With the previous brand of lubricators, the client faced major under-lubrication issues because the grease hardened. Hence, the feeding of grease became problematic and the bearings’ performance was very much affected. Maintenance hours increased to replace the damaged bearings.

Since the switch, the client has monitored that GREASEMAX® solved the problem and operations are running smoothly. There are no signs of overheating and it has given the client the assurance and confidence in Tecsia Lubricants.








Monday, 30 Nov 2015