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Tecsia Lubricants offers the comprehensive range of high-performance specialty lubricants carefully selected from Everlube, Xaerus and Tacbecon to meet the automotive manufacturers requirements - technical performance, long service life and reliability.

Our lubricants automotive manufacturers include:

Everlube® Engineered Coating Products

Products Solid Lubricant Carrier Curing
Everlube® 620 MoS2 Solvent Thermal
Ecoalube® 642 MoS2 Solvent Thermal
Ecoalube® 643 MoS2 Solvent Thermal
Everlube® 620C MoS2/C Solvent Thermal
Everlube® 722 PTFE Solvent Thermal
Everlube® 968 Lead free Graphite, Tin, Bismuth Solvent Thermal
Everlube® 9001 MoS2/C Water Thermal
Everlube® 9002 MoS2 Water Thermal
Lubri-Bond® 220 MoS2 Solvent Thermal
Perma-Slik® G MoS2 Solvent Air Dry
Perma-Slik® GLF MoS2 Solvent Air Dry
Perma-Slik® RAC MoS2/C Solvent Air Dry

Xaerus Automotive Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants
    Products Refrigerant ISO Viscosity Grade Applications
    XR 432


    46 / 100 / 150

    Automotive A/C Systems

Tacbecon Specialty Lubricants

Products Thickeners NLGI Applications
SOG 800/2 Alassca Complex 2 Fifth wheel coupling
TS 320 series Silica 2

Audio system turners

TS 357 Inorganic 2

Electrical Conductive Grease