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Tecsia Lubricants prides itself in providing the most comprehensive finest quality range of specialty lubricants for the commercial and military aviation industry including greases, turbine oil, hydraulic fluids, sealants, and corrosion preventives.

Our lubrication specialists evaluate each of our products for quality and performance. We also understand the importance of using the products, which all the products are recommended by the aircraft manufacture and compliance with stringent regulations.

All of our products we offers are selected from leading manufactures such as Anderol and Royco which meet the international specifications (MIL, DEF-STAN, NATO, etc).

Our aviation lubricants includes:

  • Aviation Grease
    • Royco®
    • Nyco® GN Grease
  • Aviation Lubricating Oils
    • Royco®
    • Nycolube®

  • Bonded Lubricants
    • Ecoalube® 642
    • Ecoalube® 643
    • Everlube® 620
    • Everlube® 620C
    • Everlube® 9001
    • Everlube® 9002
    • Lubri-Bond® 220
    • Perma-Slik® G
    • Perma-Slik® GLF

  • Turbine Oils
    • Royco®
    • Turbonycoil®
  • Hydrualic Fluids
    • Royco®
    • Hydraunycoil®
  • Anti-seize Compounds / Specialities
    • Royco®
    • NycoProtec®
    • Nycosol®


Note: The listed products and information are selected based on the major aviation manufacturers’ approvals and recommendations. If you have any further aviation lubrication requests or the lubricant you require is not listed here, please kindly email our technical specialist team.