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Bonded Lubricants

Our selection of bonded lubricants has the approval of mil-spec and aerospace industries. Bonded lubricants we deliver range from MoS2 Coatings, PTFE Coatings, protective coatings, air dry solid film lubricants, water based coatings, Graphite Coatings, Tungsten Disulfide Coatings, Process Lubricants/MRO, and Electronic Control.

MOS2 Coatings

MoS2 based coatings are commonly used in applications:

  • where load carrying capacity, operating temperature and coefficient of friction are primary concerns.
  • Effective lubrication over a wide range of loads, exceeding 250, 000 PSI
  • Lubricates sacrificially
  • Helps reduce wear and the coefficient of friction.
  • Vacuum environments and Space and aeronautical related applications
  • Limited colour, decorative and corrosion resistance functionality
  • Thermally cured


Ecoalube 643 Everlube 731 Everlube 733
Everlube 730 Everlube 732 Perma-Slik GLF

PTFE Coatings

PTFE based coatings commonly used in applications:

  • where corrosion and lubrication are the key concern.
  • Effective lubrication performance in lighter load carrying applications
  • Good colour and decorative flexibility
  • Clean environment, doesn’t lubricate sacrificially
  • Operating temperature range?
  • Carrying capacity
  • Thermally cured, best overall performance


Everlube 720 Everlube 722  
Everlube 721 Everlube 723  

Protective Coatings

Everlube Protective Coatings primarily solve problems associated with:

  • Corrosion
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Abrasion
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • A level of barrier protection far surpassing other coatings and platings
  • Exceptional barrier protection, suitable for harsh environments and are commonly used on applications in chemical processing, semiconductor and oil refinery equipment.


Ever-Slik 1201 Ever-Slik 1225  

Air Dry Solid Film Lubricants

Everlube Products air dry solid film lubricants are used in:

  • Applications where a thermally cured product cannot be used
  • Excellent coefficient of friction, high thermal stability, and good corrosion resistance
  • Air-dry coatings used as supplemental and touch-up lubricants for thermally cured products


Lubri-Bond 220 Lubri-Bond K Perma-Slik RGAC
Lubri-Bond 320R Perma-Slik G Perma-Slik RMAC
Lubri-Bond A Perma-Slik RAC Perma-Slik GLF

Low-VOC Solid Film Lubricants

Everlube low-VOC solid film lubricants deliver outstanding performance and fulfil the latest environmental standards. Additionally, these coatings are water-based and have the same performance characteristics of traditional solvent-based solid film lubricants.


Everlube 9001 Everlube 9002  
Everlube 9500 Everlube 9601  

Mil Spec and Aerospace Solid Film Lubricants

Everlube range of Mil Spec and aerospace solid film lubricants deliver properties such as chemical resistance, load carrying, friction and wear control under a huge range of temperatures. These films are of Mil Spec and aerospace standards and are recommended to use in applications such as aircraft fasteners, valves, bearings, fuel rings, oxygen systems, hydraulic fittings, seat belt mechanisms and turbine blades.


Ecoalube 642 Ecoalube 643 Everlube 620C
Everlube 9001 Everlube 9002 Lubri-Bond 220
Perma-Slik G Perma-Slik GLF  

Graphite Coatings

Everlube graphite-based coatings are typically required in applications that work in best with very low coefficient of friction. These coatings are used on applications carrying a range of light to heavy loads under extreme temperatures. Furthermore, these coatings are excellent conductors and are extremely advantageous towards applications requiring both lubrication and electrical conductivity.


Everlube 968