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Wire Ropes

Wire ropes are important parts of many machines and structures. They comprise of continuous wire strands wound around a central core. There are many kinds of wire rope designed for different applications.

The purposes of lubricating the wire rope is to reduce friction as the individual wire moves over each other and to provide corrosion protection and lubrication in the core and surface of the wires. Normally, many users lubricate their wire rope by coating heavily onto the cable as the protection from moisture and reduce wears. As most of the wire ropes tend to fail from inside, hence, it is important to make sure that the center core receives sufficient lubricant.

Brands Products Thickening Agent NLGI Features
Modified Organic Clay
Formulated with MoS2, offers long term lubrication. Excellent water resistance and corrosion prevention.
Calcium Sulfonate
Offer excellent salt water resistance and superior wear protection. Corrosion and rust protection. Widely used in offshore and marine industry.