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Seaport Logistic

Tecsia Lubricants has close to 30 years of experience in delivering lubrication solutions to the seaport industry.

We understand that seaport equipment such as port cranes, rail, wire ropes and many other related applications require lubricants with the ability to withstand heavy load, weather, salt water and corrosion over a long duration.

For peak performance of equipment, users in such industries cannot afford to shutdown port operations frequently for maintenance. In response to these considerations, lubrication solutions that we offer are in accordance to specific requirements

Our seaport logistic lubricants include:

  • Wire Rope Greases
    • Tacbecon 105WR
    • Tacbecon 305WR

  • Crane Chain Oil
    • Tacbecon WR 460

  • Motor bearing
    • Tacbecon SGH 200S

  • Top Pick Spreader - Telescopic Beam
    • Tacbecon SOG 3000A

  • Fifth Wheel Coupling
    • Tacbecon SG 1000S

  • Wheel Hub
    • Tacbecon SG 500

  • Multi-purpose Greases
    • Tacbecon SG 1000S