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Tecsia Lubricants carefully selects the unique range of products that comply with the latest European, US, Russian, Ukrainian military specifications. Our products are listed according to the specifications and product brand names.

Everything we do is focused on helping you increase efficiency as well as reducing cost and time. You could save time on sourcing each individual products from different suppliers because we have the most comprehensive range of aerospace and military lubricants available to meet your lubrication requirements.

Our military specification lubricants includes:

  • Aviation Grease
    • Royco
    • Nyco Grease
  • Aviation Lubricating Oils
    • Royco
    • Nycolube
  • Bonded Lubricants
    • Ecoalube®
    • Everlube®
    • Lubri-Bond®
    • Perma-Slik® G
    • Perma-Slik® GLF
  • Turbine Oils
    • Royco
    • Turbonycoil
  • Hydrualic Fluids
    • Royco
    • Hydraunycoi
  • Anti-seize Compounds / Specialities
    • Royco
    • NycoProtec
    • Nycoso
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Products meeting US and Europe specification

Products meeting Russian and Ukrainian specification