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On-site Lubrication Audit

Oil Analysis

Customised Packaging


Technical Training

These activities are performed to collect and track any early signs of deteriorating lubricant and equipment condition and/or any changes in the operating environment. This information should be used as a guide for the direction of any required maintenance activities, which will ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective operation of the plant equipment.

Routine monitoring is designed by our specialist to collect the required data to competently inform maintenance group of the present condition of its lubricants and equipment. At this time, observations in the present operating and environmental conditions are recorded.

Oil sample is collected in a safe, non-obtrusive manner while the equipment is running at its typical full-load levels. These routes should allow enough time for the technician to collect, store, analyze and report anomalies before starting another route. The samples are then sent to an outside laboratory. Time is allocated for analyzing and recording all information once the data is received.