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As a palm oil company owner or palm oil milling equipment operator, you frequently invest a big sum of money - in milling equipment for extracting the oil from the palm fruits, processing the crude palm oil. Definitely, you want these investment to pay off as quickly as possible.

Low operational and maintenance costs as well as reliable operation without unplanned downtime or losses of production are important cornerstones in this respect. Each service interval and unplanned repair result in production costs and losses of income during the unproductive repair and idle periods in palm oil mill.

One single day standstill can incur a huge costs. Just imagine the bitter news of having to stop all operations to replace bearings and gears after failure due to inadequate lubrication!

Tecsia Lubricants specialists work together closely with the palm oil equipment operators to find out the root of the problems. From there, our specialist will be able to recommend the right lubricant in order to prolonged the equipment life, extending the service interval while operating at the optimal level. So have you ever considered the effect of speciality lubricants on maintenance costs and component lifetime? The investment in a lubricant may be relatively small – but it can make a big difference.

Our lubricants include:

  • Bushing and bearing
    • Tacbecon Kopal EP 2
    • Tacbecon SG 1000S

  • Power Chain / Conveyor Chain
    • Tacbecon WR 150

  • Conveyor Bearing
    • Tacbecon MP 180 EP2

  • Screw Press
    • Tacbecon SOG 3000B

  • Coupling
    • Tacbecon SCG 100S

  • Cyclo-Drive
    • Tacbecon Syn Gear 920

  • Motor Bearing
    • Tacbecon SGH 200S